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The numbers speak for themselves. The QPHP plays an essential role for the entire Quebec medical community.

Over the past year, 2,260 colleagues received support through the QPHP—200 more than in the previous year. Our physician advisors are available any time a physician needs support in dealing with a difficult or complex situation. They also carry out prevention activities and raise awareness among health professionals on the importance of taking care of oneself, not to mention their role in generating new knowledge about physician health and well-being.

Today, as physicians deal with pandemic fatigue, personnel shortages, excessive workloads and other factors affecting their family life, work relationships, motivation and health, the QPHP’s mission is more important than ever.

We are asking for your help so that we can pursue this mission and continue to improve our services.

A donation to the QPHP’s fundraising campaign is a true gesture of mutual support that promotes the well-being of all. Help us to create a healthier medical community.

Your colleagues will thank you.