Expert advice on maintaining wellness during a pandemic

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) 12 Strategies for Building Resiliency (Video) Association des médecins psychiatres du Québec (AMPQ) Tips for maintaining your mental health during your quarantine Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL) Ensuring Our Own Wellbeing as We Care for Others During the COVID-19 Crisis Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Mental Health and […]

Report on physician health and well-being

Articles written by QPHP physician advisors for a special report published in Le médecin du Québec in December 2018 (French only) Introduction – La santé et le bien-être des médecins Erreurs, plaintes, etc. – Que faire quand le pire arrive Approcher un collègue en difficulté́ – pour…quoi faire Un médecin de chaque côté du bureau […]


How Many Mistakes Is a Doctor Allowed to Make? The physician does not readily know the quota of successful interventions needed to earn the title of “good doctor”, yet is afraid that a single mistake transforms her/him into a bad physician. Dr. Brian Goldman, an emergency physician from Toronto, had made mistakes and felt shameful, […]