Our approach

The QPHP is a peer support program. This model is recognized for its effectiveness in the health and social services sectors and has been key to the QPHP’s success since its founding in 1990.

The peer support approach is based on a relationship of trust between two people who share the same professional experience. It involves practical support which focuses on the overall situation of the person seeking help and targets general well-being. Counselling is provided in a receptive, respectful, and psychologically safe environment.

Who are our
physician advisors?

The QPHP’s physician advisors are all family physicians or specialists. They have at least a decade of field experience as clinicians.

Through their training and clinical experience, the QPHP’s physician advisors possess in-depth knowledge of the health care system, medical culture, academic career, and various practice settings. Accordingly, they are able to understand the various angles of a problem and, most importantly, suggest realistic solutions.

The QPHP’s physician advisors have all completed physician health training, which covers:

  • The psychosocial risks attached to the profession
  • Quebec’s university and organizational health care structures
  • The ethical and medico-legal aspects of the profession
  • The strategies for managing practice-related stress
  • The principles of resilience based on neuroscientific research
  • The most effective interventions to restore a physician’s occupational functioning

The QPHP’s physician advisors are known for their humanity, and they will meet you with openness and kindness.