Are you a physician, resident or medical student?
Are you looking for support to get through a difficult situation?
We’re here for you.

We're listening

The Québec Physician’s Health Program provides members of the medical community with peer support services at no charge, offering a safe space where you can ask for help and share in full confidence and complete confidentiality.

We understand

Our physician advisors are here to welcome you with kindness and empathy, without judging your situation. Your physician advisor knows the challenges of your profession, so can understand what you’re going through.

We support

After discussing your situation with your physician advisor, together you can determine the solutions and next steps that are right for you. You will be guided towards helpful resources and supported every step of the way.

Still not sure?

Remember that no issue is too small or insignificant. Simply needing to talk through a problem with someone is reason enough to reach out and get help.

Benefit from our expertise in physician’s health

Would you like to support a colleague or physician close to you whose wellbeing you’re concerned about? Are you a managing physician or a group of practitioners and would like to implement some preventative activities for your team? You can count on us. 

QPHP Foundation’s Fundraising campaign

The QPHP Foundation’s Fundraising campaign

On November 4th, The Québec Physicians’ Health Program Foundation has launched its fundraising campaign: While you care for Québec, who takes care of you?

Levels of stress, anxiety and exhaustion may have peaked along with the pandemic, but even now the context of medical practice remains difficult and demanding. Physicians are still facing many challenges that take a toll on their family life, workplace relationships, motivation, and overall health. Thankfully, they can count on the QPHP to help them regain their health. If the Quebec Physicians’ Health Program’s cause is important to you, show your support. Donate today!

Appointments to the QPHP

Dr. Jacques G. Bergeron, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Québec Physicians’ Health Program (QPHP), is pleased to announce the appointments of Nicolas Ledoux to the position of interim executive director and Dr. Marie-Chantale Brien to the position of director of Intervention, Prevention and Research.

“Mr. Ledoux’s appointment is part and parcel of our efforts to ensure the continued development and impact of the QPHP,” says Dr. Bergeron.

“I was impressed by your kindness and warmth when I called for help and how quickly I was able to get a phone appointment on the same day. You made all the difference at that time, and I wanted to express my sincere thanks.”

The QPHP Foundation is currently running a fundraising campaign!