“Thank you for being here. A decade later my practice is flourishing and regarded as a model for my students.”
– Anonymous

“The QPHP was an amazing resource for me. It allowed me to move forward, get rid of the mental burden that was weighing me down, and most importantly, achieve many of the goals I had set for myself.”
– Dr. Mélanie Bélanger, president of the Association
des gastro-entérologues du Québec

“You took a huge weight off my shoulders by reassuring me about my reactions and ethics regarding COVID-19. You gave me some great ideas on how to talk to my loved ones, who are far away and live in high-risk areas.

I feel fortunate to have been able to speak with you. This meeting gave me the courage to take better care of my well-being, while continuing to protect my patients, those around me and my community.”
– Anonymous

“I immediately noticed their great expertise, promptness and humanity. It is clear that these people are professionals who care about the psychological health of their colleagues.”
– Dr. Georges W. Desrochers, internist