Our services

Whether you are looking for help for yourself, your colleague or your team, or whether you are an organization concerned about the health of its members, we are here to listen to your needs.


Need help?
The physician advisor will learn about your needs and struggles and will help you take stock. Together, you will determine how to proceed according to your priorities. The physician advisor will help you find solutions and direct you to the right professionals, if necessary.

Want to help a physician?
Physician advisors are available to advise and equip family members, friends, or colleagues who wish to help a physician, as well as support them through the process.

We provide you with personalized support whatever the nature of your difficulties.
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Our interventions aim to:

  • help physicians better manage professional and personal demands
  • take preventive action, before there is a loss of functional capacity
  • develop better resilience strategies to ensure that practice is sustainable
  • equip and support those who are struggling with more complex problems
  • assess the possibilities available for physicians who want to re-orient their practice
  • improve the quality of patient care by helping physicians regain their health and optimize their professional functioning

The QPHP has a well-established network of professional resources. Your physician advisor can refer you to one of them:

• Psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist
• Financial advisor, mediator, lawyer

Group interventions in the workplace

Does your team need help dealing with a crisis?
Using a protocol based on “psychological first aid,” the QPHP intervenes quickly to support distressed teams and to foster a return to optimal functioning.


Are you a group of physicians looking for tools to promote your well-being and that of your colleagues? Are you interested in learning about best practices in physician health?

The QPHP can provide training and conferences on various topics to physicians, residents, and medical students, depending on availability.

We also provide you with practical tools and many specialized resources selected by our team on our Tools and resources page.