Webinars – Pathways to resilience: Strategies for a world in upheaval, by Rachel Thibeault

This module webinar series on resilience is meant as a resource for those going through rough times and those providing support through rough times. The first module proposes more immediate strategies to regain a relative balance when adversity strikes. The following modules address resilience as a form of training over the longer term, and explore topics such as the physical and psychological prerequisites to resilience, emotional regulation, intentional activities and the impacts of compassion on well-being. The ultimate goal is to offer tools which, once embedded in daily life, allow us to better cope with the hardship inherent to life.

The series, available here, includes the following webinars :

  • Overview of resilience training
  • Prerequisites and Foundations of Resilience
  • The compassion protocol
  • Managing emotions
  • Intentional activities
  • Q&A with Rachel Thibeault
  • Peer support and resilience